The forge is very powerful and also costly. you must power each recipe with magma cream. to obtain the forge, you must follow the recipe below.

Craft/upgrade forms

First obtain a common form by placing a single iron ingot in the center crafting slot of the forge.

To upgrade forms, you must follow the recipe below, with different levels of materials. The list can be found under the picture

Common form - iron ingot

uncommon form - common+emerald

rare form - uncommon+lapis block

epic form - rare+emerald block

legendary form - epic+diamond block

Forge swords

first obtain a sword cast, by using an iron sword crafting recipe in the forge

Now combine the sword cast and 2 forms of the same rarity in the pattern below to get a sword of the same rarity.

The higher rarity of form, the higher quality of sword.

forms in order of worst to best are:







Start by obtaining a base cannon. Crafting one costs 1 fire charge, 1 blaze rod, and 1 iron ingot.

ender cannon

to make an ender cannon, a cannon that shoots infinite ender pearls, follow the recipe below.

end cannon

to make an end cannon, a cannon that shoots infinite ender eyes, follow the recipe below.

fire cannon

To make the final cannon, the fire cannon, we need some special new items. first obtain compressed magma cream, using 3 magma cream in a forge.

Next we need to make a magmatic core, using 2 compressed magma cream and a fire charge.

finally, we can create our explosive fire cannon, for easy mob head obtainment and explosions galore using 1 blaze rod, a magmatic core, and a base cannon.

to make a katana, you will need two pieces, the blade, and the handle. craft the blade with three pieces of iron.


to make the handle, you will need a stick and two pieces of cobblestone.

Finally, to make the katana, add a form of any rarity between the blade and handle to get a katana of that rarity.


quickslice - common

valley blade - uncommon

sky ripper - rare

shatterblade - epic

chokuto - legendary

Obtain/use the sifter

to obtain the sifter, you must combine an iron trapdoor, crafting table, and cauldron in a crafting table or your inventory crafting space.

To use the sifter, place gravel in the top slot, and you will get a random gem in the bottom slot. the more gravel you put in, the more gems you get.

Topaz - common (39.2%)

aventurine - uncommon (21.7%)

sodalite - rare (17.4%)

amethyst - epic (13%)

rose quartz - legendary (8.7%)

forged armor

to obtain forged armor, take two gems of the same type, and a piece of chainmail armor, and you will get armor of the type of armor used and gem. sodalite and chainmail chestplate makes a sodalite chestplate, etc.

Obtain/use the Infuser

to acquire the infuser, you need a brewing stand and a smithing table. Combine them to get the infuser!

To use the infuser, take two of the same material, (Must be infusable, see list below), and an item of your choice. Place the item of choice in the center slot, and two infusable materials on either side, to get an infused item! Items can only have 1 Infusion, so choose wisely! A list of infusable materials and their effects are below

Redstone - power (more damage)

slime - infection (pOison, nausea, weakness)

glowstone dust - Bleeding (wither, slowness)

iron Block - reinforcement (More protection)

diamond - might (lightning strike)


TO OBTAIN FORGED TOOLS, YOU WIll need chainmail tools. to make chainmail tools, take two iron bars and an iron tool. put the iron tool in-between the iron bars in the forge to obtain the chainmail tool.

now, to gain forged tools, take two of the same gem. Put a chainmail tool of your choosing in-between the gems in the forge to obtain your forged tool.

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